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Everything Kills

Everything Kills”

On August 10th, 2019. Everything Kills will see its opening night at Wonzimer gallery in Los Angeles, California. 

Everything Kills is an embodiment of John Greers aesthetic and creative work. Showcasing photography, live performance and fashion all revolving around his passion of photography while projecting unique offerings.

There will be vast variety of prints and smaller photo collages that have been curated out of tens of thousands of photos that may never see the light of day. These collages are just a glimpse into the artist's life and personal perception. With his varying subject matter of friends, family, long nights, early mornings, brutal travels, luxurious getaways, Greer aims to capture these perspectives in untraditional methods. Within Everything Kills, this exhibition will portray raw uncut footage of life at its core as well as traditional values we consider moments all through the perception of John Greer. 

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