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"Beyond The Sea"

Saturday, July 20th 6pm 

“BEYOND THE SEA” Abstract Group Exhibition

“BEYOND THE SEA” features seven diverse artists all working within abstract art in wildly different ways. The exhibition will highlight why abstract painting in the traditional sense is neither ‘dead’ nor repetitive, exemplified in the diversity and the complexity of work on display. Each of the seven individual artists radically use different materials, scale, texture, techniques and perspectives to communicate what is beyond the limitations of language or other easily recognizable visual art. Drawing parallels between both the contrast and the common thread of the exhibition, each of the seven artists represents one of the divergent ‘seven seas’, coming together to form an oceanic whole. This exhibition reveals the overall promise of abstraction as a continuous motive for revolutionary artwork, surpassing the limitations of reality to rediscover the dynamic shared by the transcendent core of human emotion and experience.

Wonzimer proudly presents artwork by these diverse artists: 

-Erin Hammond 

-Gary Brewer

-Raphael Funga-Makaba 

-Brooke Feamster 

-Chris Justice 

-Lucius Douglass

-Patrick L Semple 

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Later Event: August 10
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