Elisa Rossi

As an artist I create bridges between physical and metaphysical worlds.

 My creative process spreads out of my soul and develops through my obsessive research of information on the canvas or paper.

 I approach it with an open state of mind that allows me to receive ancestral, historical and contemporary messengers, while capturing the essence of the evolutionary stages of civilization.

My mission as an artist is to be a clear vessel through which unfiltered, unadulterated concepts, messages, memories flow directly into the artwork.

My intention is to let the observer  shape a dialogue with the artwork and experience the highest degree of freedom in interpreting it.

It's an encouragement to relate to art without the conditioning of pre-existing meanings and concepts, to jump into the un-known.

 The art unfolds synergistically with the viewers who  have an active and co-creative relationship with what they observe. With the same lines and shapes multiple associations can be made. In most of the artworks, dozens of faces and symbols co-exist.  Some of them are almost invisible because of their size but nevertheless present and willing to be discovered by a close eye. One of my goals is to establish minuscule presences and bring them to life.

I want to honor the magic and the mystery that surrounds us even when invisible and intangible.

The characters and ancestors that populate my paintings are mostly a mystery to me as well, as they stem from subconscious and dreamlike states.

Reoccurring themes are zeitgeist imprints, the tantric integration of polarities, the co-existence of fast technological progress and respect for nature.


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