Sebastian was introduced to art an early age by both his grandparents and his Uncle Pontus all of whom had art in their homes and were quite familiar with many artists, which they introduced Sebastian to growing up! It became apparent that he was more interested in the artists. Their lives and work ethic rather than art itself, His first fascination was with Van Gogh, and his descent into madness as chronicled in his work. As a teenager his fascination with Warhol and his individual and distinctive originality in his approach  to art grew but it was Sebastians unwavering and curiosity interest sparked his desire to find his voice in a creative venue!     

    In his teens he tried writing music. But began to venture into other areas in his early adult years such as: talent management, entrepreneurship, and even as a hairstylist. None of them seemed to fit the bill, About a year and a half ago.  Sebastian started painting. and his voice discovered its freedom. He realized that the use of large canvases gave his minimalistic approach in his paintings the freedom to give his voice the expressive space it needed. His art comes totally from within him and through that his lack of any formal training has allowed him to create entirely from a personal perspective sharing his life’s journey and all the emotions that accompany it, Sebastian believes that his use of density combined with his creation of atmosphere are the most important aspects of his work!

    Because of his minimalistic approach to his art on large canvases. Sebastian allows his viewers the opportunity to find whatever speaks to them on a personal level, This creates a bond between him and his viewers, Although his journey to free his creative voice has been difficult and discouraging at times. His perseverance has been reward and his voice now speaks volumes.