Alaïa Parhizi is an artist working in the forms of painting, drawing, poetry, music and video. He grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, relocating to Los Angeles in 2012. His work focuses on identity, reality and the human condition. Though his paintings are highly abstract in form and content, they also draw upon realities, such as natural textures, as well as galactic inspiration that transcends earthly dimensions. He works primarily with acrylic paint, often incorporating found objects. His representation of human characters seek to highlight similarities in all humans, removing imagined boundaries formed by society. 

Alaïa Parhizi is a Swiss-Iranian artist born in 1995, Zurich, Switzerland. Early on, he challenged traditional schooling and norms of education. He became a self-taught artist in drawing and painting, eventually moving to music. 

Parhizi initially released instrumental experimental music beginning in February 2013 under the name of Olïa. Alaïa Parhizi’s first United States show was a group show with Matthew Jackson at the Maker’s Loft in Oakland, California. He has often collaborated with Jackson, including filming and editing Jackson’s film Fugazi

In April 2018, Parhizi opened Wonzimer, a Los Angeles-based gallery space that focuses on innovative and emerging artists. Since its inception, the gallery has been a creative hub and has shown artists such as John Green, Lucien Dante, Sam Valdez, as well as Parhizi’s own work and the organic work of his mother, Daniela Parhisi. In late 2018, Wonzimer also partnered with AWBW Transforming Trauma with Art as a charitable event combining art and philanthropy for a positive social impact. 

Parhizi starred in and developed acclaimed artist Julian Nguyen’s film Spiritus Mundi, in the role of US President Richard Nixon. He also created the soundtrack for the film which debuted at the Swiss Institute of Art in New York. Parhizi has been the subject of paintings by Nguyen.

Parhizi is perhaps most recognized for his coining of the term and artistic movement of Imperfectionism, which his musical and visual arts work has been representative of since 2014.